Dr. & Mrs. Tami Lightfoot

Victory Health Partners


To the entire Daniels family...we will always feel a very close and special connection to the company and family who was willing to step up to a terrible mess and help "rebuild" literally our home and lives.  We love all of you!!!!!!!!!

Dr. & Mrs. Kevin L. Pickett

Pickett Orthodontics


When we started planning to build our new office, numerous friends and professional colleagues led us to B. C. Daniels.  Not only did we get a beautiful building, but we had an amazing experience.  We found comfort in having a trustworthy, Christian family putting their love into a place that meant so much to us.  Their ability to combine a functional office with the comfort and feel of a residential space is remarkable.  Mike's expertise and devotion to his profession were evident throughout the construction process.  Mike's brother, Billy Jack, the company superintendant, was beside us every step of the way.  No matter what time of day or night, his attention to detail brought him to the site to assure that every deadline was met on time.  Their positive management skills were reflected by the respect their contractors had for them.  From the painter to the plumber, everyone felt blessed to be a part of their team.  Their portfolio is a direct reflection of the honest, caring, and loyal nature of this company.  No matter if you are looking to build commercial or residential, rest assured that B. C. Daniels will produce a building that everyone is proud of.

Josh & Rachel Taylor

People Of Mars Hill


I was so pleased with B. C. Daniels' work on our house.  After looking around for over a year we finally decided to get B. C. Daniels to construct our new home.  It was better than we could have imagined.  Not only did they get our house up, from start to finish, in 28 days, they have followed up with us many times since the completion to be sure everything is still to our satisfaction.  Anytime we have question or problem, they are there ASAP to answer it or fix it.  Our house is bigger than our previous home but because of the energy efficiency of the products that their company uses our utility bills have been significantly lower.  B. C. Daniels works with the highest degree of integrity and character in all aspects of the job.

Donna Williams & Susan Baldwin

Women's Resource Center


It is very hard for me to find the words to describe all Mike Daniels has done for Women's Resource Center Mobile.  As he chose to head the renovation of a newly donated building, I do not believe he really understood the hours, days, weeks and months of intense oversight and the many days of physical labor it would take.  However as I was on site most days, he was always coming with supplies, (usually supplies that he had gotten donated or at cost), or helping make many decisions with our subs.  He worked with the architects, plumbers, electricians even the City in permitting issues.  I took pictures of him on our roof with the roofers.  Mike was very helpful to us women who really were lost as to how renovations took place.  But he patiently worked with us to help us understand the process.  His guidance, expertise and wealth of wisdom were priceless to us.  Without him we would really not have been able to accomplish the amazing renovation of our new location on Downtowner Loop West.  We are ever grateful to Mike for his unselfish dedication to this volunteer project.  Because of him, many women and babies are helped each day as they enter our doors.

Rob & Cheryl Crusse

Owning a B. C. Daniels home has been a wonderful experience.  The quality of the house is outstanding.  Their attention to detail makes for a beautiful and well built home.  From the crown mouldings to the hand rubbed wood floors and the luxury baths the home is a joy to live in.  It has been constructed with energy efficient features that have allowed us to have a low utility bill and be assured that we are always warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  The entire Daniels family is available to answer any question or assist in any way, even long after the purchase.  We would highly recommend using the Daniels company to build your home.  From the friendly helpful service to the quality craftmanship you will always feel that you are dealing with an ethical caring firm that is able to give you the home of your dreams.

Karen Joseph

Love, Love, Love my B. C. Daniels home!  I knew when I first walked inside my house that I found my dream home as it was exactly what I was looking for and felt like it had been custom built for me.  The builder gave me a guided tour and explained the energy saving attributes of the house, pointed out the custom details throughout and answered all my questions.  I am truly very satisfied with the quality and beauty of my home and enjoy showing it to others.  I have received compliments on my home from everyone from the home inspector and appraiser to family and friends.  I would definitely recommend B. C. Daniels as they are expert builders who provide exceptional service to their customers.

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